Hydraulic Calculations

  • Heat and hydraulic calculation of steady state flow in piping systems of any complexity (including networks with loops)

  • Compressible or incompressible one phase fluids (gas or liquids), as well as two phase gas-liquid mixtures

  • Different calculation tasks:

    • Both "upstream" and “downstream” pressure drop calculation  

    • Flow distribution calculation for piping networks

    • Pipeline nominal size selection

  • For each piping component:

    • fluid thermo-physical properties calculation

    • fluid velocity calculation

    • head losses calculation (friction losses, local losses, hydrostatic pressure drop)

    • heat losses calculation (considering environment properties, heat insulation etc.

  • For two-phase flow:

    • calculation of velocities and properties of each phase, void fraction calculation

    • flow pattern calculation, flow pattern map plotting

  • Transient flow analysis – water hammer calculation for liquid flow

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